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investing in this information now, you will increase your awareness of when your opportunities for winning come into season. Many lucky people have made good use of these charts; read some of their experiences above.
IF YOUR EMOTIONAL CYCLE IS BELOW THE CRITICAL LINE, your hunches may not be as accurate as they may be when this cycle is above the line. So, it is in our best interest to know where our cycles are, especially where hunches are concerned.
WHEN YOUR INTELLECTUAL OR MENTAL CYCLE IS ON THE RISE, your ideas or thinking will tend to be more accurate. It is a good time to picture, reflect, sense and judge before putting your speculations into operation.
WHEN YOUR INTUITIVE CYCLE IS ABOVE THE LINE, it is considered to be in a positive phase, and is the perfect time (on a lucky day) to ask your subconscious, the Universe, or whatever you believe in as guidance, to give you some lucky numbers.
WITH INFORMATION LIKE THIS, you can plan ahead and choose your best day or days when the Sun is in one of your favorable signs and elements; when your biorhythm cycles are on the rise, you can use those days to pick 3, 4, 5, 6 or more numbers to play.
IF YOU LIKE TO PLAY LOTTO OR GO TO CASINOS, doesn't it make sense to pick a time when the forces or vibrations are in your favor, rather than going when your cycles are below the critical line and when the Sun is in a sign that is inharmonious to your own, on a day or days that do not enhance your chances of winning, because they are in conflict with your lucky days or day? The reason most people continually lose playing games of chance and in other areas of their lives is because they don't know about these cycles which throw off their timing.
TIMING IS THE GREAT SECRET TO WINNING EVERY THING IN LIFE. Your biorhythm charts and the astrological information you'll receive will provide the timing which you will be able to see at a glance. You'll know when you're entering a winning cycle and when you're not.
ONCE YOU HAVE THIS INFORMATION AND KNOW HOW TO USE IT, it will be yours for the rest of your life. You will find that it can be used for other things than just playing Lotto or going to your favorite casino.
THIS MIGHT SURPRISE SOME OF YOU, but if you've worked with biorhythms as I have, you'll know that good things tend to happen when you're going through a fortunate cycle. Knowing when a lucky period is coming up allows you to project positive thoughts or expectations for those dates.
IF YOU GET A HOT TIP OR INTUITIVE HUNCH, while you're in a fortunate cycle, it is more likely to be worth looking into, good follows good. The reverse would be true if you were going through a critical cycle, or if all your rhythms were below the critical line while the Sun was in a sign that is your least lucky time. Under these kinds of conditions you want to be very cautious about accepting so-called hot tips or hunches.
WHEN YOU ORDER YOUR BIORHYTHM CHARTS, you will receive a complete analysis of the important numbers based on your birthday. You will also receive powerful information showing when your chances of winning are Luckiest, Next Luckiest, Somewhat Lucky, and Least Lucky. You will also receive in your biorhythm report a brief personal descriptive reading for the influential days of the week for the period of one year or six months, depending on which charts you order.
BIORHYTHMS HAVE BEEN THE SUBJECT OF RESEARCH since the 1890's and are related to the ups and downs, or cycles in our lives, with which we're all familiar. Alternating periods of stress and release in life are common knowledge. The study of biorhythms concentrates on three particular cycles: A 23-day cycle of physical stamina, a 28-day cycle of emotional and creative energy, a 33-day cycle of mental or intellectual activity, and a 38-day intuitive cycle. Each of these cycles alternates from a high period to a low period. The two days where each cycle crosses over from "high" to "low" and vice versa have been called critical or changing days.
MOST OF THE TIME WHEN I'VE WON LOTTERY PRIZES, my physical cycle has been above the critical line by itself or along with one of the others. This indicates to me, that in my life, the cycle expressing my physical stamina is very important in winning. When the emotional-creative cycle is high, this can be the right time to follow your intuition when you get a hunch. I'm sure you have, as I have, had a hunch that was right on target and at other times my hunch will leave me standing there with egg all over my face.
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WE ARE LIVING AT A TIME when having the right knowledge or information can make all the difference in the world whether you will be a loser or a winner. By 
It's about that time again for the next year's Biorhythm charts. The past year has been financial rewarding for me, thanks to you. I don't play every day, only when indicated by your red marks.

God Bless! 
Dolores B., Hempstead, NY
This is a gift for someone. I already ordered yourBiorhythm charts for myself. I received them on 12/13 and won $334.00 on 12/17 which was one of my lucky days according to the bio-chart.

Noel M.

I've been playing numbers for about 39 years. I always hit two or three numbers every month. My last hit was on November 25, 1996. Then I went into a big slump. 

Then on January 15 I hit the three digit and the Pick 4 number on the same day. (I've always wanted to do that.) 15 is one of my lucky dates. Then I hit again on the 18th, one more of my lucky dates [according to the biorhythm chart]. I hit again on the 19th and on the 20th -- that was three days in a row. I also hit on the 23rd, and my last hit was the 31st. All total, seven hits for the month of January. 

P.S. I will be sending for another "Biorhythm chart" at the end of this month. 

Thank you,
Henry Fennick

Back in March of this year I ordered your Biorhythm charts and Boy! I'm glad I did because I have won over $480.00 for two straight weeks playing only on the days you indicate in my Bio-Chart. 

R. J. A. 
Brooklyn, NY

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