You may notice some different spellings of Ken's last name. As a person who is guided by intuition and inner guidance, Ken changed his last name from Dickerson to Dickkerson many years ago. In 1998, Ken became very ill. He was guided to again change the spelling of his last name from Dickkerson to Dickkersun and place the forward slash mark after his name to indicate an upward rise. Ken's health and well-being began to immediately improve. He is happy to report that he is now feeling great, so now continues to sign his name as Kenneth Dickkersun.
 Ken Dickkersun is serious about winning! Ken first became interested in playing games of chance around 1984. Previously, he made his living as an artist, running his own art gallery and picture-frame shop for twenty years. He has always had a deep interest in cosmic, metaphysical, and occult philosophy, such as astrology, numerology, tarot cards and the I Ching.
He has made a number of television appearances, on such shows as "Good Morning America" and "48 Hours." He's also been interviewed on many radio shows in the New York City area, including the Dick Summers show, the Lee Speigle show, Lloyd Strayhorn's "Numbers and You," and the Candy Jones Show.

About Ken Dickkerson

Ken is listed as "The Lottery Psychic "in the book "The 100 Top Psychics in America" by Paulette Cooper..
He is quite adept at finding shortcuts that the average person can understand and use to solve complicated problems. He has invented an astrology game called Astro Stones™ (on back order) which allows anyone to become an instant astrologer by casting stones inscribed with astrological symbols on a Zodiac board. He's written the only two books on the I Ching that tell you how to get a definite yes or no answer to your  questions as well as the reasons underlying the answer. He also invented the I Ching Cube. This is an easy way to consult this ancient oracle because it eliminates making the mistakes inherent in having to add numbers.