When you go to someone for a reading, you are at the mercy of the reader and their idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes. The advice may be good or bad, and whether the psychic had a good or bad day will no doubt have an effect on the reading. So, you never know what you're going to get in relation to advice on the best way to handle a situation when it comes from one of the above.
However, when you consult the I Ching for a solution to a problem, you're going to the Source, a pure channel that's not going to be swayed by personal problems. The Chinese have used the I Ching for thousands of years for spiritual and practical solutions to everyday life problems. The ancient Book of Changes is a book of philosophy and psychology which is good for the soul and mind.
The fact that the technique for consulting the I Ching is so simple, some people fine it difficult to understand how it can be so accurate. I've been working with it for more than 40 years and have invented, or discovered, a way to approach the I Ching which clears up much of the mystery surrounding this ancient book, making it accessible to everyone. The way I achieved this was by inventing what I call the I Ching Cube. The Cube is a unique discovery it eliminates all numbers and any chance of making a mistake by wrong addition.
Most people are not aware of the fact that the I Ching began as a system for giving simple Yes or No answers to questions. Then over thousands of years, it slowly developed into quite a sophisticated system with "moving" lines and so on. And the simple concept of Yes and No answers gave way to more detailed information and the Yes/No response was neglected. However, the invention of the Cube has opened that door once again.
I had been using the Yes/No system with coins and getting good results for some time before inventing the I Ching Cube. Naturally, I began using the Cube to get quick Yes or No answers to my questions and, may I say, with excellent results.
Using the Cube with the Yes / No system led me to a further discovery. I didn't know it at the time, but I had made a quantum leap, which resulted in writing a new book which I call the I CHING CUBE BOOK a bold approach to opening a door that has been closed for thousands of years. The I CHING CUBE BOOK gives you a definite Yes or No answer, then goes on to explain the reason why in plain, down-to-earth, easy-to-understand language.
You'll never make a bad decision again as long as you consult your I CHING CUBE BOOK before you act.
Some of us have heard stories of people who became very successful because they followed the advice of some psychic or spiritualist. And, on the other hand, there are those situations in which advice from one of these has caused a lot suffering. 
I can see how this method employed by the ancient sages ties in with the Christian Bible, which tells us to "Knock, and the door will open," Seek, and you will find," "Ask, and it shall be given." The method one employs when consulting the I Ching, also known as the Ancient Book Of Changes, is in harmony with the Christian admonition to "Knock" "Seek" and "Ask."
It is this simple act of faith when using the Book of Changes, that allows you to consult with the gods. When seeking counsel from the I Ching, you should ask God or Universal Intelligence to guide you to correct information, and as the Bible says, "Ask and it shall be given.
When one begins to work with or consult the I Ching, one becomes abundantly aware that the Chinese sages who contributed to the construction of the I Ching were mental giants and the technique of using what seems like random chance to get accurate information from a book, is the height of spiritual genius.

I Ching Cube - A Quantum Leap

In the realm of psychic phenomena, the I Ching (Ye Jing) is certainly one of the most interesting and enlightening devices ever constructed by man. The method one has to employ in order to consult this oracle is quite fascinating and no doubt, to some might look like the height of folly.
The technique is one of casting objects, such as sticks, stones, coins, or a cube in a random fashion, which allows chance to come into play. I must admit, when I was first introduced to the I Ching and told all one had to do was to cast 3 coins 6 times in a random way to get explicit advice in connection with a question on my mind, I thought my initiator had stepped over the line of mental competence into the realm of the "cuckoos." Nevertheless, I tried it, and to my astonishment the answer was right on target. I followed the advice and obtained excellent results. This experience opened my eyes to the power and magic of chance and how it works in relation with coincidence.