Kirlian Photography - A New Art Form NEW! - In 1975 the auras around the fingertips of most people would be different colors of blue, purple and white, with the background being in different shades of brown.  In easy-to-understand instructions, learn how to construct a Kirlian Camera so you can photograph the AURA emanation fromfingertips. This book, through case histories, will explain how the author interprets these unusual photos. Diagrams, and other interesting information are available. No soldering, no previous knowledge necessary
Get a Personalized Biorhythm Chart  - Timing is the great secret to winning everything in life. Your biorhythm charts and the astrological information you'll receive will provide the timing which you will be able to see at a glance. You'll know when you're entering a winning cycle and when you're not. Select a 6 or 12-month chart. Pick the NEW color chart that includes the Intuitive cycle or the 3-cycle B&W chart. Click here to order.
The  I Ching Cube and Book - a new slant on an ancient oracle providing Yes/No answers with explanations in plain, down-to-earth, easy-to-understand language. Never make a bad decision again.
NEW EDITION How to Win Games of Chance - the bestselling book that reveals how to cash in by knowing exactly when luck is in your favor. Now expanded with even more information, including how to use dice to find your lucky numbers.

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The DNA of Numbers NEW! - Does each number have a positive and a negative side? Do numbers have more connected to them than meets the eye? Does time have a DNA structure, a positive and a negative side, or some kind of duality attached to it? New information given to Ken when he asked these questions and more.
How to Get the Zero Using Dice - Learn not only how to pick winning numbers with dice but how to get answers to important questions that you may be facing. When you use dice to pick Lotto Numbers, you're more intimately connected to the process than if you use a (usually overpriced) lotto software package. Plus using dice to pick lotto numbers is a lot more fun. You'll also find out how to answer "Yes or No" questions and a lot more. 
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