The New DICE Booklet 
This brand new booklet deals excessively With HOW TO GET THE ZERO USING DICE and also reveals for the first time techniques for picking winning numbers using dice.
Software for picking lotto numbers does so in a controlled environment that does not mimic lotto machines. Lotto machines pick numbers out of complete chaos and do not use reason/logic. Dice produce winning numbers out of chaos, also without the use of reason/logic. In Ancient times, dice were used to divine the future by Priests, Shaman and other holy men (hint, hint, hint). Hebrew priests were not allowed to enter the Holy Sanctuary without Urim Thummim (Sacred Dice), which they kept in a pouch tucked in their breastplate.
Now you can learn how to pick winning numbers with dice but also how to get answers to important questions that you may be facing. When you use dice to pick Lotto Numbers, you're more intimately connected to the process than if you use someone's lotto software package, which is more than likely overpriced. When using dice to pick lotto numbers, it's a lot more fun. You'll also find out how to answer "Yes or No" questions and a lot more.
You will learn how to untie the Dice Gordian Knot of dice apparently not having a zero. Discover how to cast the dice once and come up with such beauties as 102, 034, 206, 0031, 2050, 0330 and many more great combinations such as 2697, 898, 8538, 999, 7942, 678, 9847, 971 and so on. At first glance this may seem impossible but it's not and you are going to master how to get the ZERO, plus the 7, 8 and 9. 
The reason no one has used dice to pick winning Lotto Numbers is because they did not know how to get the zero. But now that door is opened, you can enter that room and arrange the furniture any way that you like. 
Then, two months later, I shattered that record with 170 wonderful hits. In another session, dice numbers
produced miraculous 7 straight hits in a row.
Dice and winning! 
View the new edition of my book "How To Win Games Of Chance" with new discoveries about winning signs on your biorhythm charts. Plus a very exciting breakthrough that is going to revolutionize the way numbers players pick numbers using dice. Using dice I picked 148 winning numbers in the Pick-3 and Pick-4 numbers game in one month for my subscribers nationwide. 
Is it possible to use dice to pick winning numbers in the Various Lotto Games since dice only represent the Numbers from 1 to 6? The answer to the question is, "YES!" 

Using Dice to Pick Numbers