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Like anything else, once you learn how to interpret these unusual photographs, a whole new world of perception opens up to you. Sometimes one of the things that is evident in an auric picture are numbers or other symbols. Different elements or situations are revealed by the symbols which appear which can help get to the root of a personal problem the subject may be going through.
There is a world-wide interest in Kirlian photography, and all kinds of research is going
on with this new exciting tool which enables us to see the energy field around our bodies.
There was a time when only specially gifted or sensitive people could see this phenomen-
on.  Now, through the use of Kirlian photography, we can all see this electrical field or spirit and the colors in the aura.
In easy-to-understand instructions, learn how to construct a Kirlian Camera so you can photograph the AURA emanation from people's fingertips. This book, through case histories, will explain
how the author interprets these unusual photos. Diagrams, and other interesting infor-
mation available.  No soldering, no previous knowledge necessary.

How to Build a Kirlian Camera