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"How to Win Games of Chance"

Many others have cashed in big by following Ken's advice. Throughout the pages of HOW TO WIN GAMES OF CHANCE are profiles of actual lottery winners, along with their testimonials to Ken's winning system. He proves these winning claims with copies of actual winning tickets.
Every day Ken receives letters of thanks from players who have won cash prizes, many in the thousands, using the methods outlined in HOW TO WIN GAMES OF CHANCE. Does he heed his own advice? Ken Dickkersun/ has documented proof that during a 12-month period, he won 246 lottery prizes. Now that's not dumb luck!
NEW EDITION includes new information including how to use Ken's various divining tools like Kirlian readings, Astro Stones™, I Ching cube and dice to get winning numbers.
Everyone experiences periods of good luck which, in games of chance, can translate to winning streaks.  To know which day (or days) is in your favor can help you in numerous betting games like online poker, blackjack, sportsbetting and the lottery.  So invest your money wisely!  Purchase a copy of the book  'How to Win Games of Chance'  by Kenneth Dickkerson to improve your chances of winning.
are times when we should avoid financial risk because the odds just aren't in our favor. You can give your money more leverage by knowing exactly when those unlucky times are."
Does it work? Lottery jackpot winner Mitchell Drummond said that if he had ignored Ken's "when" factor, he would not be a half a million dollars richer today. In a letter to Ken, Mitch wrote: "About 45 minutes before the Lotto drawing, I opened your package and saw you had marked Saturday, November 21, as my super lucky day. Well, I sat down and selected 16 numbers to wheel, with number 8 being one of them, since you said that 8 was one of my lucky numbers. I rushed to the store and bought my tickets with only a few moments to spare". That night, Mitch Drummond won a $454,434.00 cash prize in the California State Lottery. "Mitch didn't stumble into his jackpot," Ken said, "He used my "when" factor to pinpoint the exact day for his great good luck."

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"The Key to winning big money in the lottery and other games of chance is timing," says Kenneth Dickkersun, author.
In his best-selling book, Ken reveals how to cash in by knowing exactly when luck is in your favor, having developed a remarkable, easy-to-master technique based on the principles of astrology, numerology, and biorhythms, designed to help you identify and harness the power of your own personal  winning cycle.
Everyone experiences periods of good luck and bad which, in games of chance, translate to winning and losing streaks.

Ken says, "We all go through cycles that are  good for playing  and winning games of chance. But there