You will not find the information that I have provided in this book anywhere on this planet.

Get The DNA of Numbers

  • How To Hedge Your Bets
There are a number of ways to place protection on (hedge) your bets. I've noticed a few things over the years when it comes to playing numbers, some of which you may know and some you may not know. All of the numbers seem to be interchangeable with other numbers in some irrational way.
  • Is It A Sin To Gamble?
Some religious people think that it's a sin to gamble, but nowhere in the Bible does it say, "Thou shall not gamble." I know you enjoy the thrill of playing games of chance. But did you know that your best source of timing is your Biorhythms cycles they can help improve your chances of winning? The secret to winning is "timing." That means doing the right thing (playing numbers) at the right time. "For everything there is a season...."
  • Your Biorhythm Chart Is A Blessing
With my biorhythm chart I can see how I will be feeling in the future, which makes my bio-cycles an excellent tool for planning to do things when I know that I will be feeling at my best. I can avoid doing important things when I know that I will not be at my best.
  • How To Get Winning Numbers From Words And Names
Paying attention to world events can give you keys to what numbers to play. Great information on the vibrations that are present in the world at certain times and how those numbers come out.
  • How To Get The Zero From The Words/Names/Numbers System
When I first started this "words/names/numbers system," one of the things that I was concerned with was the fact that none of the combinations of numbers would contain zeros, which was a definite impediment. So I talked to my guardian angel and I was told that the way to get zeros was very easy, all I had to do was use the information that was given to me about the "DNA" of numbers and, bingo! that was the key!
  • Time?
I must admit that trying to see if I could discover something about "Time" as I did with the DNA of numbers was very exciting. But where should I begin to look? I wondered if Time had a DNA structure a positive and a negative side or some kind of duality attached to it and if so how could I find it and understand it. Read the information I discovered.
  • The Most Versatile Number Is Zero
Since these ideas have come to me about the "Zero" it was suggested that I see what others have to say about the zero. I've found a lot of information by mathematicians about the digit zero, some saying that zero is not a number and others saying it is. I've also done research to see if anyone  has produced information about the zero and gambling, and so far I have found nothing on gambling and the zero. Mine is the only information about this (non)-number on the planet!
  • Discovery The DNA Of Numbers™
I had been reading a lot of information about DNA and now scientists tell us that DNA can be programmed to enhance certain aspect of your life. We are told that  the discovery of DNA is the key to the basic structure of life. DNA comes in what they call the double helix or two strands of protein that produce or contain the keys to life, one is male and the other is female as in positive and negative. Since I like to play numbers, this idea led me to ask the following questions: Does each number have a positive and a negative side? Do numbers have more connected to them than meets the eye? Read the answers I received in this book.

The DNA of Numbers™

KEN MADE A MONUMENTAL DISCOVERY pertaining to the ZERO ITS POWER AND POTENTIAL and the Discovery of the DNA of Numbers, along with some others interesting techniques that will increase your awareness when it comes to picking and playing winning numbers.
Now I'm ready to reveal it to the world. I've used the word "monumental" to describe what I've discovered because it is "monumental," which, according to the dictionary, means:impressively large and sturdy; enormous, of outstanding significance.
I know that some people will think that what I am claiming is an exaggeration but it is not. You can also see that in the word "monumental" is the word "mental" -- when you finish reading this book it will have a profound effect on your mentality and how you see numbers. It is said that we are living in the "Age of Information," so what you know becomes all-important. "Knowledge protects and ignorance endangers."
Here is a synopsis of chapters: