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When you cast whatever items you are using and a zero comes up in the combinations of numbers, it is giving you the opportunity to use that seed or idea in many different ways. Here are a few suggestions just to wet your imagination, but you don't have to follow this as a rule it's just a guide. When you cast your dice and a zero comes up, you may want to pay special attention to the number or numbers closest to the zero. It's like the zero has been planted in the vibration of the numbers around it.

There are lots of ways to use this idea the only limit will come from your imagination. I'll give you some examples that you can use. In this sample, I'm using 3 dice, there are 2 green dice and 1 white die. As usual the 2 single dots on the green dice both represent the number one (1). The single dot on the white die I am designating it to represents the digit zero (0). From the example that I have in front of me, I cast the 3 dice, the numbers that have come up are 630 and they were all close together. In this case the zero is having an influence on the number 6 and the number 3. What I would do is add together 630 = 9. The number 9 is my key to new combinations. Here are the numbers that I can now play 630, 639 and 6309 or 9306 etc. You can put these numbers together in any order that you like.

Here is another example. Let's say that you cast your dice and come up with 403, first add together the 403 = 7. With the number 7 you now have two sets of numbers, 403 and 437 you can also use the 7 to make up a 4-digit number 4037 or you can put those combination of numbers together in any order that you like, such as 4370, 7034 etc. There are all kinds of ways that you can use this information. You could also look at the zero as giving birth to twins from the 403, which would produce the numbers 4433, which is a very good paying number when it hits. The only limitation that this new concept has about the power and the creative potential in the zero is your imagination. All you have to do is ask, then see what your intuition suggests. Remember, "Ask and it shall be given."​

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Everyone has a head, which is round or oval. Your head is your personal zero where creation takes place. Thoughts are created in your head or ideas just pop into your head, an idea is similar to a seed, which you can both plant in the soil of your mind and then think about it, which is like watering it. The idea, which is like a seed, contains many other possibilities within it. This is where your ideas grow, which is in the zero on your shoulders called your head.
The people that wrote the Bible got it wrong in John, when they said; "In the beginning was the word." If they wanted to be truthful, they should have said; "In the beginning was the thought". You have to have a thought first before you can utter an intelligent word. Thoughts and words come into and out of our personal Zero, which is your head. Your thoughts and words can bless and heal or curse and destroy.

This is why the ancient Masters have held the zero sacred, just think of why the Sun was worshiped and why it is still worshiped even today because it gives life to this planet and sustains it, it can also make things wither and die.  The Sun, which is a giant Zero, holds the power of life and death. The Sun is the number one Zero that controls life.

I think one of the best ways that we can apply this ancient concept about the zero is in gambling. Now let's apply this to games of chance, especially when you are picking numbers using a true chance method where you are manipulating objects, be they numbers written on paper, cardboard, wood, stones or dice. When a zero appears, it is a sign of potential power connected with any particular combination of numbers that it shows up with. So when you are using one of these tools or methods to select numbers by chance, wherever or whenever the zero appears we can look at it as an indication of a serendipitous happening.

Since these ideas have come to me about the "Zero" it was suggested that I see what others have to say about the zero. I've found a lot of information on the Internet by mathematicians about the digit-zero. Some of these mathematicians say that zero is not a number and other say that it is a number. I've also done research to see if anyone has produced information about the zero and gambling, and so far I have found nothing on gambling and the zero. Which makes me feel that I have broken new ground. In fact I've learned that Zero is the ultimate number or digit, because it contains all of the other numbers which I'm about to show. The Zero does not represent empty space, which will become abundantly clear as we proceed. I'm offering these ideas as suggestions that can be helpful to gamblers and others. What I'm going to show you is not something that I invented but something that I have discovered because it was always there.  I think you are going to find these ideas very helpful and exciting to use or work with.
In all ancient cultures Zero represented the potential power of creation which contains all things within its self. It represents the One that becomes the many. As far as I know all seeds are round, oval or oblong and when you plant them in the right conditions they produce all of the other numbers. You say what? I know that I have just made a quantum leap, but look at it this way. Since all seeds are round or oval, we can look at them as representing a Zero, so lets look at seeds as representing the ultimate Zero. The following is how the seed or a Zero produces all of the other numbers.
When you plant a seed, first it produces a root, so you have the seed representing the Zero (0) its first production is a root, which represents the number 1, which gives us 0 + 1. Then it produces a stem, which comes through the soil this is its second production, which gives us the number 2. Now we have 0+1+2. The stem produces a branch, which is its third (3) production, which gives us 0+1+2+3. From there another branch is produced, which represents its fourth (4) production, giving us 0+1+2+3+4. Zero, one, two, three, four I don't have to count anymore, from this point on you can see that all of the other numbers are produced from this natural process-taking place in nature. From this simple explanation you can see that all of the other numbers come from or are produced by the zero, which we can look at as representing a seed.

The DNA of Numbers™

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 The Most Versatile Number Is Zero